Canon Customer Service Experience

We have had some problems with our digital camera. It is a big camera, as Hubby and I enjoy photography. However, we have had issues with the flash over exposing every photograph it takes. We have sent the camera back for repair twice, and twice it has come back allegedly fixed, and twice within taking a couple of pictures, it goes back to having its usual problems.

Hubby called Canon last week, but being the busy man he is at work, didn't have much time to really talk about it with them. It also didn't help that he was fobbed off and passed from pillar to post between people who really didn't seem to care.

So, this morning, I retrieved the two repair invoice notices that have come back with the 'fixed' camera and called them myself. The first chap I got through to said that I had got the wrong department (I called the number on the invoice, and then pressed the number option to talk to a human being about a fault), but apparently, the department I actually needed was something completely different, and no, he couldn't transfer me.

So I called the number again, and selected a different number option and spoke to a young lady. I explained the problem again (I also explained the problem to chap No 1) and they both 'understood' what I was saying and why I was frustrated. So in my spiel of 'this is a problem that hasn't been fixed, we sent it back initially in the warranty period but it still isn't fixed and this has happened twice now' I simply asked for a replacement camera. No stress, no anger, just an explanation and a request.

The young lady took my email address and my phone number and said that someone from 'Level 2' would call me back as they have the authority to make the replacement. This, apparently, will take 5 working days.

So, as I understand it, someone will call me back within 5 working days with an offer of a new camera. Go me.

If they don't call me, I will call the girl who I spoke to last time, quote my incident number at her, and ask very nicely, very firmly, in that quiet voice your parents used to use to tell you off in public, that I wish to speak to a 'Level 2' person now. And if they won't replace the camera, or give us our money back, I feel at article to 'Which Camera' coming on.......

But hopefully it won't come to that.