Blessed on my birthday

Today I turned the ripe old age of 25... OLD!!! As my husband and two brothers have taken great delight in teasing me about. Littlest bro sent a text message to the Old Gal, and my bigger little brother (all of 17 months younger than me) said that I was still young at heart at least!!

But it is only 11.35am and I feel so very blessed. I have been up for just under 6 hours ( awoke at 5.50am to open presents and cards as Hubby still had to leave for work at 7.15am) and had some lovely things. Hubby has indulged me this year and bought me books, which he thinks is totally boring, but I was so happy with them. My sister, bless her cotton socks right off, gave me a hand made scarf from Thailand (not that she has been!) but she is in the middle of a run of night shifts in A&E as part of her doctor's training, so the fact that it she has been able to get it to me is amazing.

My MIL came up trumps as well, I got a card with Tuscany on the front (we're off there in May, always wanted to go), a bottle of wine named after me (honestly, it says Diana on the label!), an old fashioned blotterpad folder thing for writing letters in (excellent, I love the oldness, the smell, the history to the piece, and it goes with my deeds box and new bureau!) a pashmena and book vouchers. Have I mentioned I love books!? My littlest bro gave me Amazon vouchers, as did my bro-in-law and girlfriend. Its a booky birthday!! I think I will take one of my friday mornings and spend it in the book shops in 'Nam. What a treat!!!!!! I am so excited.

But it is not all about the gifts. It is about the planning. It is about the prayer where Hubby thanked God for me especially today. It is about the text from a brother who doesn't normally bother to send Bday texts. Its about my Dad remembering my birthday and being the first to text me this morning (he forgot my birthday last year!), its about old and far flung friends getting in touch, its about new friends sending an email from work. Its about the girlies at my work remembering, sending emails and planning a lunch get-together.

Its about realising how great life is, looking back on what I have done, where I have been, how I have developed and achieved, how God has totally blessed me time and time and time again, and realise that it has been 25 jampacked years, and I could have another 75 to go. Can I imagine another three lifetimes? It seems amazing to me. I want to, more than ever, to grab hold of the rest of my life and squeeze every last drop from it. I cannot wait to see what God has in store.



Karen said…
Many Happy (Late) Returns to you Di! It's a blessing to read how you have been blessed.
Ellen said…
Happy belated birthday, Diana! I'm glad you were so blessed by your loved ones on your special day. Enjoy the books...I'm always thrilled when I get books, too. :)