I think I have found out why my request to work part-time has been so easily received at work. I could be made redundant.

I have been told (so at the moment, this is only hearsay and rumour) that my company are moving all of it's legal teams back to the US, where our head office is. That would mean that my role would no longer be needed, or at least, a very reduced version of my role would be needed. So the fact that I have beaten them to the punch and reduced my hours makes things easier for them really. I don't know if this is true, and if it is true, whether or not my boss knows about it. Either way, I'd better get that gym application in!


Vanessa said…

Praying for you.

God works in mysterious ways.

Lina said…
I've been reading your blog for a while but never commented before. This post seemed like it could have been written by me about two years ago.
We were both finishing our studies. I was home every day while writing my thesis and my husband had just started working. I did ALL of the housework then and still he was sometimes so jealous of me not having to go to work. I've now graduated and have been working part time for about six months (because my husband asked me to). My part-time work suits us very well, because about half of that work I can do from home. And I still do most of the housework, because I want to and because my husband takes care of most of the expenses. My husband does the hoovering once a week and takes out the trash.
Anyway, my point is that in my experience it takes time for the husband to adjust to the new way of things. The best way is to show him what he and you as a couple will be gaining from you being home more. And also, to remeber that taking care of a house is not a competition between you too. I've given my husband specific tasks to do in order to avoid biggering about who does what and when. We're now both very happy with the arrangement and there's no more talk of me working full-time. So there's hope for you too :)