I have had a reply from HR. I have to formally request the change of contract, which means I need to write a letter to someone, as yet, who this person is, is unlcear. Once I have formally requested my change of contract (namely a reduction in hours and thus pay), my boss has to chat with the HR Manager to decide whether they will honour my request or not.

This leaves me feeling deflated, as I am still no further on as to any indication of whether I will be 'allowed' to go part time. Also, my boss is not back until a week today, and then he is only in the office for 5 days before he is out again, and the chances of him having the meeting with HR before he is out of the office again is pretty slim.

So my hopes of working part time by the end of January are looking more and more distant. And to be honest, I don't think that they will let me work part time. Still, it means that I have one more paycheck to come.

But God has it all in hand, He has a perfect will for my life, for our life, and I need to wait on Him for His timing. It's hard tho...