My boss is back in the office and I have a meeting with him in half an hour to hand him my request letter. I am feeling nervous, but still sure that this is the right course of action.

Please pray that I come across well, and don't blush - I always go red-faced when asking for things I don't expect to get. Please also pray that God's will will be done.

Will update later.


I had my meeting with my boss and he took my letter with a smile and said that he would look into it. No blushing on my part (PTL!). It was all over so fast, no discussion, no nothing. So I went and handed a copy of the letter to HR and he said that he appreciated the letter. Again, no discussion, no surprised looks etc. Almost as if they had all already talked about it and were just waiting for me to make the formal request...

I don't know when I am going to hear the outcome of my request. I have done all I can, it is now up to God.