Job Update

Just had another meeting (how many meetings does it take before I go part time?!) about my job.

First and foremost, my position is not being made redundant in any way shape or form.

Secondly, part time work is definately on the cards, and my boss is going to write the terms for my approval and HR sign-off by the end of this week.

Thirdly, and perhaps most disappointingly, it may be up to 6 weeks before my new hours kick in. HR want it to co-incide with a payroll run, which happens on the 10th of the month, even though we don't get paid til the 25th. And since there are only 10 working days (well 9.5 now) before the 10th of Feb it is looking unlikely that all the necessary paperwork (not that I actually know how much paperwork there is, surely its just a case of saying "You will work X many days for £X amount of money?) will be done in time. But I shall pray for lightness of paperwork and workloads for other people so that this can be done.

We have such a crazy few weeks coming up with lots of busy weekends and the like, and would love to have the time off now! Also, my new swimming membership kicks in now, and I don't want to waste 6 weeks of it because I can't use it because I don't have the time. I could go on Wednesday this week as Hubby has a work meal... But I need to get a swimming costume before then as I had to throw my last one away.

Keep praying, keep trusting, keep waiting. I guess God is teaching me patience with this one!