I miss my home

Seems silly, but today I really miss my home. I get like that occasionally, like when we are on holiday (sad eh?!) or when work is just so dull. The first time that I missed home was when Hubby and I had our first house in Gosport. We'd been there for about 2 weeks and went to surprise my parents in London for their wedding anniversary. At it was walking along the Thames with all my siblings that I suddenly, more than anything, wanted to be back in my little house. Strange huh? I used to get terribly homesick as a child, so maybe that was a hangover from the past. I don't know. But what I know today is that I miss my house. I want to be there, making it warm and pretty.

D'you know, the first thing that most people say about our house when they visit for the first time, is how peaceful it is. This is regardless of how many people are in the house, whether the TV is on or not, or what time of day it is. I have tried to make our house and myself welcoming, but the peace thing has come all by itself. Or rather, it is a divine blessing on our abode. I can work to keep it clean and tidy, but peace is not something you can manufacture. Or is it?

In other news, I have been planning for my time at home (not long to go now, perhaps only a couple of weeks!). It is important to my hubby that I keep fit and maintain a healthy figure (if it were up to me, I'd never exercise!), so I thought that during my time at home, I could go swimming during the day. So I researched swimming pools near to Hubby's work, the plan being to go on Friday mornings as Hubs only works the morning on Friday, so I can give him a lift to work and then home again. Anyway, I digress... The pool nearest to Hubby's work has a 'spa pass' which includes in one price a swim, sauna, steam and jacuzzi. I love saunas so it makes the swimming bit more bearable!. There are memberships available for this, as well as memberships for the gym, the courts, classes etc etc. So I thought to myself "great, I'll pay my money once a week and go and treat myself" and then I remembered something great......

My work pays £25o towards any gym/sport membership as a staff perk. An annual membership subscription to the 'spa' (swim, sauna, steam and jacuzzi) is £200. Which means that work will pay for the entire subscription so I won't have to pay a penny (ok, I'll have to pay tax). This makes me very happy. And it will make Hubs happy as he sees me making the effort to keep in shape. Blessings come in many shapes and sizes.