A compliment from the strangest of sources

I received a text message from my sister last night containing a compliment afforded me by her friend. My sister and her friend came to stay with us for the weekend a couple of weeks ago as I had organised for my sis to do a recording session in a music studio for her birthday, and her friend was coming along to provide the acoustic guitar backing to her vocals. I didn't do anything overly special, I was just me in 'hostess' mode and the compliment that came back was that, according to this guy, my sister's friend, I was amazing in many ways.

Intrguied, and always willing to fish for more compliments, I asked my sister what her friend had meant. And what he was alluding to was the fact that my priority in life is to be a Godly wife. Now I don't recall any conversations where I stated this (perhaps I did, but I don't recall it), so I guess it must have been the way that I live. And for that, I give flabbergasted thanks and praise to God because while it is in my heart to be a Godly wife, to honour God and my husband, I am only too aware of how often and how far I fall way short of the mark. This was indeed confirmation that God is giving me the desires of my heart, that they are in line with what He wants for me and my life. I don't live my life for compliments (although I guess this post does seem a little arrogant in some ways), but I wanted to highlight God's grace at work, even when I don't see it or feel it. It is also very confirming for my move home from the workplace.

The compliment was almost like a review - you know, where you have a goal to aim for, but because you are so involved, it is sometimes hard to see if you are achieving anything. But this compliment was a nod and a smile, "its ok Mrs M, you're doing fine", which spurs me on to keep growing, to keep honouring and to keep learning. Thank you God for that pat on the back, it is much appreciated!