Bigging up my Hubby

I just wanted to share about my Hubby, and how blessed I am to have him.

The other day, after a very late night, I was feeling very tired and chrochety, and said to him that I would go and sit in the lounge and feel sorry for myself for a while, until I got myself out of my funk. I didn't think that I was very good company and didn't want him to endure me! He was putting together the plumbing for our new bathroom sink at the time.

So I went downstairs and curled up with a book, and a few minutes later, Hubby appears in the lounge with the sink and all his plumbing gear. 'Figured you could do with some company' he says as he got down to finishing the plumbing.

Now, to me, that is love. Here was me in a foul state, and he came to seek me out, to hug me, to make me feel better. Even when I was not pleasant to be around, he came to spend time with me. Still makes me feel warm and slushy days after. Needless to say, my funk lifted pretty much straight away... :D