An Almost Retraction

For any of you who wondered if I had spoken to my Hubby before posting my last post, I did. And things seem to have changed in some ways. He still (I think) is struggling with me being 'off work' especially since I took out my new swim and spa membership this weekend, but the help with the housework has increased a lot over the last few days. It goes in cycles, I think it is a male/female thing. He just doesn't see that things need doing where instinctively I will. But to redress the balance, he will do whatever I ask him to. I guess I should learn to be okay with asking!

We have had a lovely 'together' weekend pottering around at home, almost getting the bathroom finished. We have revamped our bathroom cabinet which looks great now, and Hubby has been constructing a cupboard for all the cleaning stuff.

Tonight we have our second Alpha meeting. Last week went really well, and it wasn't too scary being the leader of a small group, even if I was younger than the rest of the group by at least 15 years. At least Alex was in the same position, he was leading his group, on his own, being at least 25 years younger than the next oldest person. Humbling stuff.