After the weekend

Over the weekend I wrote both of my letters for work, one being the formal request for part-time and the other being my resignation letter. I did this at the same time as I thought that Hubby was going to be in the US, but at the last minute (as in his bags were packed and it was 9 hours before he was due to leave) he was told he wasn't needed on this trip. But still, it feels good to have both letters written, and I have such a peace about whatever the outcome is. I have handed it over to God, and am now just awaiting His response through work to what the next few months are going to entail.

I know that God gives us the desires of our hearts. At the moment, my heart is desiring to be home full time, but I am submitting to my husband and his wish that I work part-time. I have also handed this desire over to God, that if it is a God-given desire that he would make it so plain, and if it isn't, that he would replace the desire with a desire for part-time working.

I have worked out some dates. Work have 28 days to decide if they are going to let me work part-time, which brings us to 13th Feb. If they say no, and I hand in my resignation the next day, I have to work 4 weeks from then, which brings us to 14th March. So 14th March is the latest day that I will work if I do not go part-time. Doesn't seem like too far away... Yet I am impatient to get home ASAP!