So looking forward to having time to think and blog properly, and not only that, maintain relationships. Life is just so busy that relationships don't get the time they need. For example, my mum has just been in touch, saying that we'd not been in touch for a while ( a week, and lets face it, she could have emailed, called or texted.... but thats a whole other issue!), and it is true. There are other people that I haven't spoken to for even longer, which I feel bad about. I used to spend hours writing emails and letters, speaking on the phone. But that was back in those hazy teenage days where meals 'appeared' on the table and got washed up again, the house 'magically' got cleaned, and my clothes were always fresh all by themselves. Now I have to do all that, which I do love doing, but it does eat into other things. And not only have we been busy with house-things, but there have been Christmas things to do, and I am now almost better from the baad virus I had.

Is it bad that I feel guilty that I haven't made the effort to get in touch with my mum for a whole week? Is it bad that I feel slightly envious of her saying 'we've not been in touch' as if it was all my fault, but then says that she has now finished work for Christmas when she knows I have another 3 days to go? Sometimes, trying to be all things to all people as they expect you to be is hard work, and when it doesn't happen, along comes the cart called guilt, which hauls you aboard and takes you off down the track.

But that is enough naval gazing. I love my mum and know how lucky I am to have her in my life.