I have a man-cold. At least, it feels like a man cold, and by rights I should be home in bed. But I took two days off last week when my body was so tired it refused to move, so I can't take any more time off without it looking like I am faking. So I sit here, wrapped in a poloneck jumper, big fat scarf around my neck, sucking on Strepsils and drinking hot honey and lemon. Most of the people I have spoken to today have started the conversation with something along the lines of 'you should be in bed' or 'you look like death'. But who is the one person who hasn't said anything...? Thats right, its my boss. Just totally ignored the fact that I am feeling really rough, but I am still here. Its not like we are busy today, so what would it cost him just to ask if I was ok, or to send me home for the afternoon? I would settle just for a bit of concern, but no. Nothing. Nada.

Another reason why I can't wait to 'come home'. If I am sick, I can work on making myself better. I can rest without any demands being made of me. I don't have to push myself to meet deadlines and targets and make myself feel worse and make recovery time take longer. All this sounds very selfish, but I cannot be a great wife if I am poorly and feeling sorry for myself (so that is an attitude issue as well, but that is for another time!). But between thee, me and the gatepost, I think that when I 'come home' I won't be as poorly as often. I think that now, I am run down with trying to do too much, but when I come home, all that pressure will be off, and I will be a healthier person. That's the plan anyway.


Vanessa said…

Sorry that you had no sympathy from your boss. I am trusting you are doing much better now :)

You are so right, when you come home you'll see. You have lots more energy and with God's guidance if you become sick, it is not as bad as when you have an 'outside boss' who places much demand and energy from you.

Take care, sister!