Number Crunching

I have been looking at our finances today, and have worked out the payrise Hubby needs in order for me to stop work full time, and its not as much as we originally thought! We were having dinner with some friends last night, and hubby just suddenly says 'if you were at home full time, would you not get bored?' to which I replied 'No Way!'

It really blessed me that he was thinking like that, being open to the possibility of me being 'home' full time. 6 months ago, it was a real struggle for him even to consider me going part time due to the huge drop in income and savings we would experience. Now he's looking into ways of me being home full time! We have come to realise over the past few months what is important to us. And what is important to us is not the foreign holidays, not the flashy cars or the flashy clothes or toys, but being together, enjoying each other all the time, not being stressed out, eating well and seeing the countryside and our friends.

So roll on 2007, I could be working my way home sooner than I thought!