An Honour

Here I sit, a freshly-minted Godmother! Talk about awesome!

We went round to see our friends with the new baby on Sunday after church, and spent some time just gazing into the cradle - I have never seen someone so tiny, or so young! He was gorgeous! And just as we turned to leave, having collected the dish I made dinner for them in, our friends stopped us in the hallway and asked if Hubby and I would consider being Baby's Godparents. Well, we both welled up and babbled incoherently, it is such a huge thing, in terms of responsibility and honour, and we felt so touched to be asked. They told us to go away and think about it, but both of us had already decided to take the reins as it were.

So here we are, starting out on an unexpected adventure. Sounds terribly grown up to have a Godson! Can't wait to go back and have a cuddle with the wee fella!