End of Term!

Today is officially the end of term. No more work for 10 whole days!! Yay!! When I get home (hopefully around lunchtime, depending on how generous my boss is feeling), the real work can begin, and I am so looking forward to it.

First and foremost is our holiday project, ripping out, and the replacing our bathroom suite complete with new flooring and new tiles on the walls. We are doing this all by ourselves (although have a couple of fathers on standby!), and have managed it on a really good budget - suite came from Ebay, tiles were bought with vouchers I earnt at work, so the financial layout was nowehere near as much as we initially thought. Since we won't have a toilet for a good couple of days, our friends across the road have dropped off their keys, so we have free run of their place while they are away over Christmas. This project will probably take most of the holiday, especially as we are effectively not doing anything on it for 4 out of the 10 days.

Then tomorrow night, I decided to hold a Christmas soiree (great timing, lots of people to our house and no loo). Our local Cathedral is holding a carol service, and I am a sucker for carols with choirs and brass bands, so I wanted to go. And somehow decided that asking 32 people to go with us and then come back to ours afterwards for mince pies and mulled wine was a great idea! It is a great idea, and I can't wait. But it does mean that I need to make loads of mince pies and other cakey type things for the gathering back at ours afterwards.

Tonight is going to be interesting logistics wise too. We are going to do a present run around town, dropping off presents and cards to various people, and going to have a cuddle with our Godson. On the way back, we need to go to B&Q to get some plumbing bits for said new loo, Tesco to get some carrots and sprouts for MIL for Christmas day (tho having seen the fog that has descended on the country over the last week, I don't know whether they will be back from Italy in time...) and then at some point fill the car up with petrol so we can go a-visiting over Christmas. Probably an idea to pick up some milk to freeze too...

I feel ever so slightly bad that I will be doing housework (ironing, baking, cooking, hoovering etc) while Hubby attacks the bathroom, especially as he is seeing doing the bathroom as quality time for us. But it will only be for a couple of days, and I'm sure he will enjoy the fruits of my labours!

So, prayers for you all that you have a great Christmas - don't know when I'll get to blog again over the next 10 days, since they are looking pretty packed! See what life can be when you don't have to work!!!!!!!!!


Vanessa said…
Merry Christmas Di!

Sounds like you and hubby will have a very busy and fruitful next few days!

Praying that you are blessed as you stay home before returning to work in the new year :)