8 Days to go....

It is 8 days to go until we know just how part-time I can go at work, I am so excited!

And as another confirmation, our church is looking for someone to work unpaid one or two days a week to go and be love in the community... sounds perfect, if a little scary for me! And how much more worthwhile than being stuck in an office. Obviously, the main aim to me working part-time is to be a better wife and helpmeet to Hubby, so I won't go filling all those extra hours away from the office with another 'job' however worthwhile it is. But if I work 2 days in the office, one day with church, then I still have 2 whole days of wifeyness.

It struck me last week that many people are not going to understand that I want to be a wife at home. So many first impressions are made based on a)what you look like and b) the job you do. I was at a Christmas meal with Hubby and some of his work colleagues last week, and one of the other wives asked me what I did. I still had to explain my job, but how much more of a confused look will I receive when I say I am a wife and homemaker? Made me feel odd as this realisation hit me. I know it doesn't matter what people think, and its what God thinks that matters, but even so, I was almost compelled in my head to give a detailed explanation and justification for our lifestyle to-be.

And in other news, I found out this morning that one of my friends who I spent most of my teenage years with is pregnant and due in April. Okay, she got married 8 months after I did, and she is 2 years older than me, but while I am totally thrilled for her and her hubby, a tiny weeny bit of me is envious.... Bad tinky! You know you're growing up when your friends start sprouting babies.