Why 'come home'?

For me, 'coming home' from the work place is an outward working of my desire to be a woman of God, and to be a Godly wife. It has been laid on my heart this year to really study what it means to be a woman of God, and I am by no means anywhere near finishing this study, indeed, it may be a life long exploration.

I have learnt an awful lot about what it means to be a Godly woman and a Godly wife. My priorities in life should be God, my husband, my home and children (if and when we are blessed in that way) the church and then finally anything else. I personally feel, that by working full time, I am not making my husband and my home a priority in my life, and as for my relationship with God, well it kind of gets squeezed into 10 minute gaps here and there. I want this to change. I need to change as a person to be the person God wants me to be, a woman of a quiet and gentle spirit, serving those around me.

However, I have started to make some changes to my life while I am still working. It is very easy to say 'when I don't work full time, I can do this and that' and use working full time as an excuse not to model the life of a Godly woman and wife as far as I can. I have been inspired by many websites, but it was this post on the GirlTalk blog, that really kickstarted me into acting now and making some differences now, before I work part time.

So now, in keeping with the Proverbs 31 woman, I now get up early (although not as early as the ladies over at GirlTalk!), before my husband, even though he leaves for work an hour before I do. This enables me to be up and ready for when he wakes up, and also means that I can get breakfast going before he comes downstairs. It is not only this act of serving that getting up early has made possible. There is now time of a morning for Hubby and I to pray together before he goes off to work, something we struggled with finding a time pattern for before. It also frees up an extra hour before I have to go to work to do something productive. I either continue with my own quiet time reading God's word, or make dinner, or do some other housework that I would be too tired to do later on in the day. I find that this really cuts the stress out of the end of the day, because I am able to cut some things off my 'to do' list, and all this before 8am!

I know that being a Godly wife is far more than just housework, but this small change has reduced my stress levels, and has improved my marriage and my relationship with God. I look forward to making more small changes and reaping great rewards!