My own Agenda

Another one of the reasons I am looking forward to coming home is to work to my own agenda rather than that of the workplace, who essentially dictate when I leave my house every day, when I can return home, even what I wear, to a certain extent.

At home, I will be free to use my time in the way that I feel is most profitable. It will be time spent to further my relationship with God and my husband as well as those around me. It will be time spent serving, working on things with an eternal perspective. I feel trapped at my desk, working for an organisation to whom I am nothing more than a statistic, whose primary aim is to make as much money as they can. Isn't that the way of all businesses today?

Anyway, it is nearly hometime now, the best part of the day. I will have approximately 5 hours to be the wife I want to be before going to bed and starting all over again! But what a blessed 5 hours they will be!