Monday Monday

Today is a really good example of why I can't wait to come home on a part-time basis. I am on a course at work, which means I finish later than usual. Not usually a problem, but tonight I am hosting our prayer triplet for dinner and prayer, which means dinner for 6 at 7.30pm. Which has meant that I got dinner on the go at 7am this morning, having prepared the veg yesterday evening. And prior to going home, I need to do the week's food shop, as I have no time in the rest of the week, and besides, we are out of food!

And not only that, I have just received a text message from my hubby asking if a workmate of his can stay over tonight as he has an unexpected funeral to go to tomorrow. So its dinner for 7 when I only planned for 6, the spare room isn't ready as we weren't expecting the work colleague to stay over until tomorrow, and the house needs a really good tidy! But on the upside, it means that Hubby gets a lift home from work at a sensible hour, which means he can tidy, lay the table and make the pudding for tonight.

I love it when it is all go, it is just so frustrating sitting in a training course at work when I could be getting on with everything else! But hopefully what I am learning on the course about effeciency and the like I will be able to transfer to home management. Its all good, and my house will be full of people tonight.