A Likeminded Friend is Valuable

I went jogging yesterday with my best friend. She and her husband have just moved in across the road from us, although she and I have been jogging together for about 6 months now. She works part time, and has done for all of her married life (albeit 1 year and 2 months!) and she loves it. I have been so blessed to have a friend who shares the view that a woman's (and a wife's) God-ordained role is in the home. We have had many conversations about how blessed we feel to be wives, and our wish and desire to grow in this. It is great to have conversations which are based on life and not money, or how much you have or the holidays you go on.

I am looking forward to spending more time with her when I work part time to compare notes and to work together essentially against the world-view that women should be men, work like them, dress like them and act like them. We are women, and are proud to be so!


Liz said…
Welcome to blogger.com! I will add you to my blog links and be reading when I have nothing to do at work!
Di said…
Hi Liz,
Welcome to my blog - how'd you find me?!
Liz said…
A little thing called a tracker - it tells me all the websites that my visitors have come from, I spotted an address I didn't know and hey presto - there you were!!