Join me on the Journey!

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, which I am hoping is going to chronicle my journey from Working Wife to Stay-at-Home Wife.

A bit about me, I am 24, been married for 2.5 years and have a lovely husband. I am a Christian, and my beliefs are the driving force behind me leaving the paid workforce. I live and work (as a Patent Administrator/Paralegal) in the UK, and while I have read lots of blogs and other websites about stay-at-home wives in the US, there doesn't seem to be the same kind of thing written by anyone in the UK (or so I have found so far!). I hope to share over the coming days and weeks why I believe I should come home, something I feel so strongly about for myself, but would never presume to preach to anyone else.

So here is my journey home, which I hope you will share with me.

Love Di x


Vanessa said…

So lovely to see you here and to see that you are beginning your journey home.

May each step you take be one closer to Him Who loves you most.