Changing Rooms

Last night Hubby and I changed our study into another spare bedroom/library. I have always wanted a library in our house, and thought that this would only be reserved for our 'big house' but it looks like I am going to be able to have a mini-library at least, in our current house! Yay! I love reading, I love being surrounded by books, I love the possibilities that it brings, the places where they can take you.

We decided that we no longer needed a study with a desk and a big black leather chair as Hubby has finished his Masters degree, and we have a laptop computer instead of a desktop, which means that most computer usage is somewhere other than the study. And as the room has lain unused for a few months, it was getting more and more cluttered and a place to shut the door on. So, as we are getting a new double bed for the Spare 'Oom, we have to put the single bed somewhere, as well as the two single mattresses. So the study has become a library with a bed in it. I intend to cover it in cushions to give it a sofa like appearance, and get some neat storage things for all the study 'stuff' that needs to go somewhere. I am looking forward to getting it really neat and tidy! Wonder if I can convince Hubby to put any more shelves up....?

I am really excited about this room, wondering how God is going to use it. I prayed at the beginning of the year, sitting in the Spare 'Oom, that God would use it to help people, and that we could convey his love and peace through that room. And looking back over the last 10 months, that room has seen so many visitors who have needed a place to lay their head, whether for a night, a week, or even three months (okay, so that was last year, but still!).

I used to look at our little (okay, not so little) house, and think to myself 'when we have our big house, I can really be a great hostess and give people a roof over their head and good food to eat and be here to serve in that way' but then I came across the scripture that he who is faithful with little will be entrusted with a lot. So I changed my thinking. How can I use what I have right now to bless people? God can use what you have right now for his purposes, he doesn't need to wait until you think you have it made before using you. So I opened up my heart, and our home, and there has been a steady trickle of people through our front door. I feel so blessed that God has used what we have, what he has given us to give out to others.

Be faithful and give back what has been given you, and watch it multiply. We now have 2 spare rooms, let us see who God is going to bring together under our roof!