Benjamin at 16 and a half weeks

I took Benjamin for his last lot of jabs yesterday and he did so very well. He screamed the place down, but after I gave him some medicine, he has been back to his happy self, and it appears at the moment not to have disrupted his sleep. Well, saying that, he slept for 3 hours yesterday afternoon, slept all night til 7am (with a slight interruption at 5.20am) and he went back to bed at 8am this morning and is still asleep (its now 9.50am). His settling himself has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of weeks, I am now rarely having to run upstairs lots to put the dummy back in.

Ben is sleeping consistently now from 10.30pm til around 5.30am, and will sometimes go longer. His mammoth feeding seems to have slowed in the last couple of days and he's only taking one and a bit sides each feed. He does however, get the screaming abdabs if I don't feed him as soon as he is hungry and it takes him ages to settle to feed after that.

Benjamin is reaching out for things, giggling a lot, and being very very smiley. He loves his sister and often giggles when she hugs him. He is a snuggly baby and still prefers to sleep with his face under a muslin, with a blanket over him, however hot it is. He loves to sit up whereever possible as if by lying down he'll miss something. In short, he's gorgeous!