Ben at 9 weeks

This is more for my benefit when I come back to remember how things were at 9 weeks!

Ben is doing really well, and I have been looking back through the sporadic entries when Ruth was his age and find that they are doing similar things at similar times. It was when Ruth was 9 weeks old that we started to put her down for her naps in her cot, and this week Ben was 9 weeks old and we have just started to settle him in his cot too. I was heartened to read that Ruth only ever slept for 45mins to an hour at this age, as this is what Ben is doing too. I had expected him to go straight into the 2-3 hour sleeps that Ruth does. Silly mummy!

Ben must be having a growth spurt. He spent Sunday feeding every 2 hours all day long, and then slept most of Mon and Tues this week. He seems to be back on the 2 hourly pattern today though. Its tiring. But he does seem to be nearly out of his 0-3 months clothes, which is a shame cos they still all look so new!

Ben is not such a fan of the dummy, although he does use it to settle himself to sleep in the crib. We try not to use it outside of the bedroom, as usually a mummy-cuddle will sort him out. He will sit in his bouncy chair for perhaps 15-20 minutes gurgling away which is lovely. And he has a smile which makes my stomach flip-flop, so I can imagine the effect its going to have on the young ladies later on in life :)

Hubby's mum has taken Ruth for the afternoon. She's done it now a few times on a Wednesday, and they both love it. Well, I think that Granny enjoys it more than Ruth, whenever I see photos of their time together, Ruth looks quiet and shy and a little homesick. But I think that it is good for her to spend some time doing something different with different people, especially as I don't send her to nursery or anything like that. I enjoy the space, for a little while. I hate the walk back down the garden when the car has pulled out of the driveway, everything feels empty and quiet. Then I relish being able to focus solely on Ben knowing Ruth is well taken care of. And then I miss her. A lot. The time apart is good for me too, preparation for when she goes to school and then eventually leaves home. But it still feels funny.

So, onto this afternoon. Ben is asleep for probably another half an hour. Lets see what I can get done in that time that requires both hands!