Answers to prayer

And lately my prayer has literally been, through tears 'help me!'. I am too tired to string any more coherent thoughts together, but I am thankful for a God who knows and understands the groans of my heart and who sees and keeps my tears in a bottle.

I had my mother-in-law call this morning offering to come over a couple of mornings a week for just when Hubby leaves for work so that my pre 9.30am times are easier to manage. Bless her! And praise God!

I took Benjamin to the doctors this morning and the doctor said that Ben did not have any infections (I was worried that as his cold has lingered for 3 weeks and he struggles to breathe at night that there might be a chest infection or respiritory infection or something), his belly button looked normal (something Hubby was worried about) and she gave me a prescription for infant gaviscon to help with the wind and the straining that Ben spends most of his awake time dealing with. I also bought some infacol.

So the lunchtime feed was preceeded by an infacol dose, and while the feed was as faffy as ever with Ben squirming and fighting me the entire time, afterwards, he burped well and that was it. No more squirming, just peace. Well, maybe a little squirming and crying, but nothing like it has been. He was then able to settle himself off to sleep :)

And Ruth hasn't bumped herself nearly as much today either. Usually she is so into climbing and crawling and generally getting everywhere that she has more bumps than the average bear and cries with the pain and the frustration of bumping herself yet again. I also get frustrated becuase invariably I have told her time and time again to get down, mind your head, take it slowly etc etc and it falls on deaf ears. No wonder she wants her daddy when she bumps herself. Bad mummy!

I am still not feeling any better, last night was still a terrible night sleep-wise as Ben was on my chest from about 2am. Then up for the day at 5.30am. Still, at least I got a shower before Ruth woke up... Count your blessings where you can find them!