The 6 week mark

It is so true, things do get easier at the 6 week mark! This week, things seem to have clicked a little more, and life feels a little easier. All of us are up and dressed (and I'm even showered) by 8.30am, and most mornings this week I have been able to achieve something extra before we crack on for the day, whether that be multiple loads of laundry, baking, basic ironing and tidying.

Ben has had a couple of nights where he has slept for more than 3 hours - last night he went 5 hours, but was woken at 3.30am (as we were) by alarms going off at the school opposite. I was not amused to say the least, especially as it looked like he would have slept for longer. Try again tonight!

We have a lovely weekend planned, and the weather looks great for it. The weather is so lovely I have a strange urge to wash my car. Perhaps there will be time for that later. If we can find a bucket...