The Conversation...

Today marks the first day back at work after the holidays (great holidays, bathroom nearly finished but fully functioning, and a great Christmas and New Year had by us!).

Today also marks the day when I am going to have THE conversation at work, where I go and meet with the HR department and present my request to go part time. I am feeling fully at peace about this, if a little nervous. Hubby and I feel that it is the right thing to do, and that now is the right time. I have no idea how this conversation is going to pan out, but we have committed it into God's hands and we await His results.

I have had so many offers for prayer in this regard, the people around me are so supportive of our decision, that I take this as another confirmation that this is God's will. A song by Darrell Evans really spoke to me over the weekend 'where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom'. By working part-time, I am walking in the freedom of God's will, thus freeing Hubby up to walk in the freedom of what God has created him to be.

So, here begins the next adventure. Bring it on!